Real time Rental Insights

OfficeBlocks provides property investors with weekly updated market insights – a much higher frequency than the typical quarterly or annual cadence. 

This is achieved by re-training our AI models with the latest available property market data on a weekly basis. While the AI models are trained on a specific set of properties, the resulting models are widely applicable and can deliver rental estimations for any building with specific attributes such as size, the number of floors, age and location (latitude & longitude) within the given coverage region.  

The trained OfficeBlocks models can also generate heat maps that show how the rent varies per location. Moreover, the heatmaps can be generated for specific time periods, say weekly, and then converted into an animation of how rent “hotspots” have shifted over time.

The animation above is the AI-estimated weekly face rents for Sydney up until 6 June 2021, relative to the rents on 14 March 2021 (the baseline). It demonstrates how rents for an average building have changed over time across the city. To highlight the variation over time, what is plotted per frame is the change in rent for a given time frame, relative to the average rent for the given city. 

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