Market Intelligence

Access AI and proprietary data on the rental landscape via your mobile or desktop. Updated weekly, the desktop view enables you to confidentially scan the market, check comparables and plan a field trip. Meanwhile, the mobile view shows the rentals and vacancies around you, consolidates your photos and field notes, and auto-syncs all the information across devices.

You need to find opportunities fast, we get it. Not only is the real estate world constantly evolving, but no two markets are the same. Only instant, reliable and exact information will keep you on top of the market and provide a bird’s eye view of the regional markets. Stop spending countless hours on research or waiting for brokers to come back to you – skip ahead with the OfficeBlocks Market Intelligence Platform to get what you need, when you need it.


The Market Intelligence Platform is able to:

On mobile:

  • Take a photo of a building and utilise AI to obtain characteristics and rents of buildings around you
  • View nearby vacancies and related details
  • Capture field notes and photos which are easily transferable to the desktop platform

On desktop:

  • Provide the current rental for any building, even green-field sites that are not yet verified in the database
  • Search prospective markets without involving third parties
  • Eliminate poor prospects before investing resources into travel or research
  • Outline an independent understanding of the market based on properties of interest
  • Search secondary markets for higher yielding assets
  • Take the investment committee on a “tour” of the market
  • Tap into thousands of properties across the Asia Pacific to generate in-depth comparisons
OfficeBlocks platform

  • Single user
  • Mobile-only app
  • Free
  • Instant AI estimated market rents
  • Download and share reports
  • Availability listings for commercial leasing space
  • 2-km radius location-based search query restriction
  • *By downloading the apps, you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.
    **Availability in China limited to iPhone users for now.
  • Multiple users
  • Availability listings for commercial leasing space
  • Desktop mapping feature links to enterprise mobile app
  • Price on request***
  • Instant and remote access*** to AI estimated market rents
  • Collaborate with teams and share information and reports
  • No location-based search query restriction
  • ***Based on city subscription.
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