Privacy Commitment

OfficeBlocks Privacy Commitment

We value the personal information we hold and have developed six “building blocks” or key principles that guide our approach to data privacy.

  1. We collect personal information properly
    When we collect personal information, we are open about how we will use it.
  2. We use personal information responsibly
    We endeavour to comply with all relevant privacy laws and adopt a positive attitude to our information assets. All our staff have a duty to protect the personal information they have access to.
  3. We keep personal information safe
    We commit to maintaining appropriate security to protect the personal information we hold. We will update our security arrangements and monitor their effectiveness. When we plan new systems or ways of working we will assess and seek to minimise their impact on personal privacy.
  4. We maintain accurate, current, and relevant information
    We endeavour to ensure that the personal information we hold is accurate, current, and relevant. When we no longer need personal information, we believe it should be deleted. We do not intentionally collect personal information unless we have a business need for it.
  5. We give people their information rights
    We take individual’s information rights seriously. We provide access to their information and we will correct personal information if it is inaccurate.
  6. We share, disclose and transfer personal information securely
    If we share personal information with a third party we will endeavour to make sure that it remains properly protected.